“Daniel Ebersole is master of his lens. He is highly adept at capturing the very real moments that make people vulnerable, relatable, and beautiful. By depicting the deeply intimate as well as what’s in the broader scope, Ebersole photographs the mood, romance, and clanship of wedding celebrations. His images are a rich blend of both the masculine and feminine aspects of such unions. Ebersole conveys the character of each of his subjects—his or her personality, style, and philosophy. His portraits of place have a timeless quality, while flawlessly orchestrated stills showcase the details. For a visual documentary of “The Big Day,” Ebersole Photography produces something well above par.”

— Editors of North Shore Magazine

Hello, thanks for checking out our site! We are Danny and Brandi Ebersole, the husband and wife team behind Ebersole Photography.

 I first fell in love with photography in the darkroom of my high school.  I dreamed of some day being able to support my future family by creating beautiful photographs. It is now an honor to be able to support our family, (We have three kids, a five, three and one year-old!) by capturing memories for couples around the country. 

With a photojournalism background my focus on wedding days is the story that is constantly unfolding before me. I desire my photos to go beyond a mere documentation of sequential events but to capture and produce images that evoke emotion. I am a hybrid photographer, meaning I use digital and film to capture my day. Just as certain songs or smells can take us to relive our dear memories - is the same goal for my photos. It is about capturing the details and in-between moments of the day that sometimes go forgotten along with the formals and expected images. 

It is always an honor to be invited into people's intimate days, never something we take lightly. We Look forward to capturing your story.